Grace United Church of Christ, Houston Texas

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Christmas Eve Candlelight service at Grace

Grace UCC adopted the Rio Vista Cabin at Slumber Falls Camp
Slumber Falls Vesper Point

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camping program at our

 beautiful UCC Church Camp

 in New Braunfels, Texas!

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One of the beautiful Filipino dances performed as part of the Merger Celebration.

Musicians for Merger Sunday Celebration

Great turn out from GUCC for this year's annual Houston CROP WALK!

Pictures from Pastor David's Sabbatical in the summer of 2010.  The goal of the sabbatical was to provide Pastor David and the congregation the opportunity to journey into the past to discover a faithful path for the future. The travel/research would explore family origins and the role of immigration (past and present) and its impact on the mission of the church.

Pastor David's trip included: tour of Salzburg, Austria; retreat at Rheienfelden, Southwest Germany; immigration research at the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, Switzerland; family origin research in Melbeck, North Germany just south of Luneburg; German Evangelical Church Symposium on Immigration  in Reichenbech, East Germany (near Poland);  tour of Paris, France; tour of London, England; and tour of the port city Southampton, England; a transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2 from Southampton, England to New York; a visit to Ellis Island - a gateway for over 12 million immigrants; immigration research at United Theological Seminary UCC in Minneapolis, MN; travel to the Philippines to learn of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines; visit UCCP churches, attend the Silliman University Founder's Day celebration and Church Workers Convocation and research issues of present day immigration in Dumaguete; visit Jamie and the Castro UCCP chruch in northern Luzon.

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